= Education Access for all Children and adults in rural Haiti....


  • Promote and provide both access and quality education to all children and teens living in rural areas.
  • Encourage and provide literacy programs to parents living in rural areas. Reduce teachers’ shortage and afford them with the training and skills needed to provide quality education to students with all abilities.
  • Contribute to a reform of the Haitian education system that prepares the Haitian society to face and rise above the challenges of the 21st century
  • Create material conditions enabling parents living in rural areas to sustain themselves and their children in both short and long term.

Before the January 2010 earthquake, which destroyed most schools in Port-au-Prince it was reported that only 30 percent of children living in the country side of Haiti had access to education. In this post-earthquake Haiti, the number of student not attending in the remotest has exceeded 70 percent.  In order words, the children and teens are growing up without any access to education. In addition, in the rural areas where there is some access to education, the quality is very poor due to the shortage of qualified teachers. In addition to access, there is a great need for quality education and creation of conditions for parents to sustain themselves and their school-age children.


Children and teens living in rural areas of Haiti have access to high quality education. After completing their secondary education, they may choose to go to a vocational school or to college


  • Work with individuals, governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations locally and internationally.
  • Build and run K-12 schools in rural areas of Haiti so as to provide quality education to students of all abilities.
  • Build and run teacher education colleges to reduce teacher’s shortage in both rural and urban areas.
  • Build and run a vocational school to provide students an opportunity to learn a trade
  • Offer literacy programs to adults living in rural areas
  • Develop mechanisms that promote social development and economic growth in the target areas